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Newly orphaned Jax Aubrey discovers an eighth day of the week hidden between Wednesday and Thursday and a reclusive girl living next door who exists only on that secret day. She's the key to a 2000 year old spell with its roots in Arthurian legend, and Jax's teenage guardian is her reluctant jailor. When Jax accidentally leads a pack of human bloodhounds to her door, he incites a catastrophe that could destroy the regular seven days of the week.




"Ancient magic pairs nicely with modern intrigue" ~ Kirkus

"This series is absolutely necessary for middle grades." ~ VOYA


The Caged Graves

Clarion Books, May 14, 2013

A Junior Library Guild Selection


"In Catawissa, the dead don't always stay where you put them."


"Salerni is a masterful storyteller who uses eloquent prose to craft a suspenseful historical mystery that is absolutely impossible to put down." ~ School Library Journal, starred review

"Salerni constructs an absorbing, atmospheric, and dense work of historical fiction." ~ Publisher's Weekly

"Immensely readable ... Hand this fast-paced, creepy tale to fans of mysteries, forensics, paranormal and historical fiction, and the CSI TV series." ~ Booklist

"This unusual romantic mystery stands out." ~ Kirkus

"That deadly first chapter sucked me right in." ~ Richie Partington, Richie's Picks.

"This book practically came out of nowhere to surprise me into a five star review."

~ Read My Breath Away

"The perfect amount of stolen glances, tender kisses, and undeniable swoons." ~ Books Take You Places


We Hear the Dead

Sourcebooks Fire, 2010


In mid-nineteenth century America, mysterious knocking noises haunt Maggie and Kate Fox, two teenage girls who become famous for their apparent ability to communicate with the dead.


"The story's lively pace and dialogue are rife with wit, and the Fox sisters are captivating.  Insightful and a great deal of fun." ~ Kirkus Discoveries

"A delightful discovery, mixing the right combination of gothic mystery and conspiracy." ~ Brian Trent, author of Remembering Hypatia

"Part mystery, part romance, part history, and all drama ..." ~ E. Kristen Anderson, Dear Teen Me

"Gone With the Wind meets The Titanic ..." ~ Rick Barber, 850 KOA in Colorado


Now a short film: THE SPIRIT GAME, directed by Craig Goodwill and premiering at Cannes 2013.

Get a sneak peek at THE SPIRIT GAME here.



Myths, Legends, and Tales of Superstition

A charity anthology based on stories long-told by the campfire, superstitions passed down through generations, creatures who exist in legend, literature, and film, and myths that raise the hairs on the back of our necks. Proceeds from the sale of the first 5,000 copies will be donated to the SPCA International.


Month 9 Books, 2013





Horror -- Suspense -- Science Fiction

Fantasy -- The Old West -- Superheroes

Visions is an ongoing collection of some of the finest illustrated fiction by today's writers and artists, from short stories to novellas to serialized novels. These illustrated tales may span the beginning of time to the far-flung future, but they are connected by a shared universe. These are characters who can, and in many instances will, run into each other from time to time, developing the universe they inhabit-and expanding the universe you will hold in your hands.


"Visions is the real deal, an honest-to-God modern pulp magazine!! Not some want-to-be anthology posing as such. Editor C. Edward Sellner and Michael Katz have assembled a diverse collection of fantastic tales from all the traditional genres and then wrapped them up in a truly gorgeous package. In both design and interior illustrations, the art in Visions is of the same quality as the stories. Pulp fans rejoice. This is the mag we've all been waiting for!"

~ Ron Fortier, Pulp Fiction Reviews and Airship27 Productions 




We Hear the Dead

The Caged Graves

The Eighth Day

Very Superstitious

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